Freedom from Neurodermatitis

My name is Guido Walter,

Guido115 years ago within a short time both of my feet were covered with bloody spots and I was diagnosed with Neurodermatitis. In the beginning I was very confident, that doctors were able to help me and that my skin would recover to how it used to be.

I took all the creams and medication that my doctors gave me and to my shock the situation got much worse. I consulted with more doctors, regular and alternative with no success. After six month I was in horrible pain with no end in sight. It dawned on me that Neurodermatitis was like one of those chronic conditions without a cure like Arthritis etc. I was very much frustrated and angry that nobody could help, I could not comprehend it.

I am an engineer and a very skeptical person and so I decided to find a better way to get my health back.

It took me about 4 years and I was very lucky to understand the purpose of the Neurodermatitis symptoms and how to heal myself. In the end I was in extreme pain and about 40% of my body was affected. My legs, arms and hands were affected but my knees and elbows were the worst. I was getting sore muscles from all the scratching. I was depressed and extremely unhappy about my situation and isolated myself as much as I could.

Before the healing started my skin looked so bad that even my family could not bear to look at me. My skin appeared to be damaged beyond repair. After the healing started my skin recovered in a very short time and there is no visible damage and I have not had any Neurodermatitis symptoms in 10 years. I consider myself healed on the inside and outside.

I am actually very grateful about what happened, because of Neurodermatitis I gained invaluable understanding about my purpose in life and how consciousness works.

Since 2005 I share my findings with other people who have a strong desire to be free of Neurodermatitis.

Working with Guido was a life-changing experience. I had suffered with neurodermatitis for quite a while and tried everything I came across in my struggle to get rid of it, with little results, and I didn’t want to be reliant on cortisone creame for the rest of my life. Since my sessions with Guido, not only has my skin cleared up but my whole outlook on life has changed for the better.
MD, Canada

Are you looking for

  • Ending the vicious cycle of itching and scratching
  • Being able to sleep through the night
  • Not feeling exhaustion and fatigue all the time
  • Being able to exercise again
  • Feeling good about yourself
  • Being able to wear shorts and go to the beach during summer
  • Being able to go out without being judged by people who don’t understand Neurodermatitis
  • Not being bothered by other people offering their advice on how to end Neurodermatitis
  • Getting your life back
  • For somebody who understands how it feels
  • Finding your purpose in life

If that is what you are truly looking for please read on.

The solution that I have found

I know that most likely you are not going to believe but I am going to share with you my finding anyway. Especially when I tell you, that I am not a trained health professional. (The reason why I have found a solution is actually because I am not a trained health professional. I am thinking out of the box without having any predefined concepts that might have misguided me) Since 2002 I have spend more than $100,000 attending seminars with the desire to improve my understanding of Neurodermatitis. Here is what I have found…

Neurodermatitis is not the problem. It is symptom.

Go ask your doctor about the causes of Neurodermatitis and he will tell you that the cause is not known. The cause of Neurodermatitis can’t be seen under a microscope, it can’t be measured, it appears to be a mystery. The only thing that is left is to treat the symptoms. The question how it is happening and what is happening is not as important as the question of WHY it is happening.

The symptoms of Neurodermatitis are part of a feedback system designed to bring you back into balance. 

I am convinced that all pain and diseases are a feedback system.

From my understanding and from showing people, here is the common thread that I have seen the last 11 years.

These are the traits of the people I have worked with.

  • Neurodermatitis is a symptom of an imbalanced mind.
  • With a Self image of being superior in some way and inferior in other aspects.
  • Unrealistic expectations toward other people and him/herself.
  • Has experienced trauma in the past, which leads to disassociated mental states.
  • Is obsessed with being loved and admired by other people.
  • Obsession with money and success.
  • Perceives strong rejection by other people.

The imbalance leads to living outside his/her intuition, so that the mind cannot balance itself. The obviously self defeating behaviour of scratching is not perceived as harmful, it is perceived as a solution and the vicious cycle continues.
Every person is different, the process of change however is similar.
The individual traits of the itching/scratching pain corresponds with traits of the person who suffers from Neurodermatitis. Traits, actions and inactions towards other people, either thought or acted out. Thought patterns that were used against the environment are transformed into actions against one’s own skin.

The main emotions behind Neurodermatitis are fear, guilt and shame.
How does change happen?

Change happens simply by asking questions, questions which lead to a balanced mind that can heal itself which leads to healing of the skin.

It can’t be that simple

I totally understand your disbelief and scepticism.

That is very healthy and normal. That is why I freed myself of Neurodermatitis, because I did not believe when I was told that Neurodermatitis can’t be cured. I am living proof for more than 10 years. As an engineer I am used to look for facts instead of opinions and false expectations. And the fact is that to my knowledge there is no quick and easy fix to Neurodermatitis and that is why you are still looking right now.

I don’t ever believe anything I can’t prove to myself.

Here are the objections that I used to have myself:

  • Doctors can heal everything. This is one of the biggest illusion or unrealistic expectation in people’s minds. The illusion of a quick fix without pain. About 100 millions people (30%) of people in the US are suffering from some kind of chronic pain. A clear sign that those 100 million people are ill and treat symptoms. Like everything in life there is balance. Half of the diseases can be cured, the other half cannot be cured.
  • One day there will be a easy cure for Neurodermatitis. In my personal opinion, and based on the knowledge I have, there is no pill for imbalanced thoughts. So there will never be a cream, pill or treatment that will end Neurodermatitis.
  • Change is very difficult and takes a long time. That is certainly true for most people, especially if you don’t understand how the mind works. In reality the thinking mind is very simple and reasons based on what is beneficial or a harmful. Those perceptions can be very easily changed. Neuroplasticity has shown that the mind can change and shifts in consciousness is something most people have already experienced. In other words the mind is like plastic that can be shaped if you know how to.
  • I don’t believe that thinking is behind my Neurodermatitis problems. As early as 2000+ years ago Greek physician Galen mentioned the mind body connection. Galen was the leading medical authority for 1500 years. Sigmund Freud found evidence, all anxiety and stress is based one ones own thoughts. The fact that emotional trauma is being stored in the body and causes disease is generally accepted knowledge in medical science.
  • It is not going to work for me. Behind this statement is the perceived fear of failure. And it will be true as long as you don’t try, you will never fail but you will keep the Neurodermatitis symptoms.
  • I can’t afford it. It is all a question of what you value. I value my well being more than anything else, in particular more than money in the bank, and that is why I am healthy.
  • I don’t have time. I am a very busy person with a demanding job. When you look at all the time you spend itching and scratching, thinking about the next attack etc, you will see that it is not true.

It all comes down to:

  1. Whatever you have done until, has it helped you?
  2. How much do you want to be be free of Neurodermatitis?
  3. What is it you REALLY want?

I know there is a lot of hidden fear, guilt and shame that keeps you from taking action.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What needs to happen to make the investment of time and money insignificant?
  • What is going to happen in the future if I don’t do anything?
  • How much is it costing me in terms of health, happiness, career and relationships?
  • How much longer am I willing to live like this?

Success Stories

Everything is possible if you know the secret that is inside of you!

With great interest I have read Guido’s website and blog, and that’s how I got in touch with him. I am in my early 40ties and have been suffering from Neurodermatitis on an on-and-off basis since I was 20. Very early on when the symptoms first started I decided not to go down the traditional ‘medical’ route with cortisone, pills, cremes etc. With alternative healing methods e.g. homeopathy etc I was able to keep the symptoms ‘under control’, and often they disappeared to some extent. Though I was never able to get rid of the symptoms completely. Whenever something unexpected happened in my life the emotional stress overwhelmed me and the skin symptoms came back, every time stronger than before! This time, in August 2014, the symptoms came back very severely, and even appeared on parts of my body where I never experienced them before.

When I first spoke to Guido and learnt about the Ending Neurodermatitis Program I knew that this is for me, this is what I have been searching for for all this time! I realized that all I have done so far in terms of treating the symptoms was a temporary fix and that I never dealt with the real problem, myself. I was ready to change, to find myself, to rid myself of all the fear, grief and anger deeply buried inside me, and to free myself from all this pain and suffering, for ever!

The experience with Guido has been absolutely fantastic! Every session was powerful and relaxing at the same time, and I could feel it was working instantly. After each session I felt so much lighter, optimistic, happy, and was always looking forward to the next session.

After 10 sessions, my skin has cleared up almost completely! I feel lighter emotionally as well as physically. I’m now looking at myself and life as a whole in a completely different way. I have rediscovered what it really means to be happy, and I am full of energy! I’m now able to look into the future with optimism and see life with all its possibilities rather than its problems. I am more than grateful, and I will continue my sessions with Guido as there is so much more to discover, it’s fantastic!

With Guido’s help I am now looking at myself in a different way. I am grateful and I’m thanking my skin to make me aware, to look at life and what I was going through from a different perspective. I’m thanking my body for making me look inside and to find my own healing powers from within. It was always there, I just couldn’t see it. Guido showed me the way, thank you!

P.N. Consultant London

For years I had been suffering from what I now know is neurodermatitis. I had been diagnosed with all kinds of allergies, eczema and other types of skin disorders. Regardless of the diagnostic, no allergist, dermatologist, acupuncture expert, nutritionist or alternative medicine doctor was able to help me. I tried creams, medicines, diets, herbs, tinctures and anything I heard or read about that could offer hope. Nothing helped.

I was suffering on a daily basis, with extreme itching, oozing wounds all over, dry/cracking skin that bled, irritated and itching eye lids, and the list goes on. I could not fall asleep without scratching for 30 to sometimes 90 minutes…only to wake up again after an hour or two of sleep with the same symptoms…and then scratch for another hour or two before resuming sleep at 3am. I started taking sleeping pills to catch up on sleep and get some rest. Equally as bad or even worse, my self esteem was deeply hurt. Ashamed to wear shorts or let people see my hands, thinking this would never go away and would even get worse.

I met Guido through life’s “coincidences”. I didn’t even know he had suffered from a similar condition and I was very skeptic about the whole thing. I was wrong. After just a few sessions I felt a transformation deep inside. A couple of months later, not only my skin was practically healed, I wasn’t using sleeping pills anymore or creams, but I had a different perspective on what I was going through and on life in general. I now see how the skin issues will be something from the past and even thank my body for forcing me to look inside and heal from within…and of course, I thank Guido for showing me the way.

N.K. California Entrepreneur

I have experienced Neurodermatitis from very early on. After having spent my whole life for healing I finally found out what was causing it. My own thinking. With Guido’s help my life has become much better. My life has taken a new direction, I am starting a new career and for the first time I am really happy.

The learning was very simple and I enjoyed every single session with Guido and I can really recomend his work to anybody suffering from Neurodermatitis.

M.I. Serbia Artist

Testimony from a client 6 months after completing the “Ending Neurodermatitis” program.

MD_Neurodermatitis_Before_AfterWorking with Guido was a life-changing experience. I had suffered with neurodermatitis for quite a while and tried everything I came across in my struggle to get rid of it, with little results, and I didn’t want to be reliant on cortisone cream for the rest of my life. Since my sessions with Guido, not only has my skin cleared up but  my whole outlook on life has changed for the better.

MD, Germany – Student

If this resonates with you

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End Neurodermatitis Now Program

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Features of the Program:

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“Freedom from Neurodermatitis by Resolving the Separation from Life for People where Nothing has Helped”

Living a normal healthy life was a dream for Guido Walter. At the age of 41 he suddenly developed symptoms of Neurodermatitis that caused a painful change in all areas of his life. He did not know the cause of his suffering, nor did anybody else. Just like many other people made the experience that neither modern medicine nor alternative methods were able to help.

“There is nothing that amazes me more than the amount of suffering I endured before I was ready to change.”

In 2005 Guido Walter had a magic moment which gave him the Insights that ended his Neurodermatitis experience. After this discovery and the resulting shift in consciousness all symptoms disappeared and never came back.

Guido Walter is the founder of Apsolvo, a training and coaching company that helps people with Neurodermatitis get their life back on track.

In the past 10 years Guido has helped many people in many different parts of the world. Guido teaches in three languages. English, German and Spanish.

Very early on Guido was fascinated by figuring how things can be made better which inspired him to get a masters degree in engineering. He is known for his sharp, incisive intuition and great patience in helping others.


Go see a doctor first

We will only work with you, if you have seen a doctor first. If that has not helped you we will work with you.

Complete Self-reliance
We encourage the individual to discover and rely on his or her inner resources. We show you how to overcome the barriers that separate you from your inner healer, natural health and happiness.

Understanding is key
We believe that transformative change, can occur only through a new understanding of life that reconnects you to your inner self and a new reality. We achieve that by teaching the simple facts that create all human experience. Healing happens by getting in touch with your inner world that far exceeds human knowledge and power.

Participation is a must
We believe that transformative change, can occur only through personal participation. You are the healer, we show you how it happens.